HR 310 Park University Unit 8 Leadership and Team Building Discussion

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Unit 8: Discussion


Reflective Discussion. Part of the critical thinking process is reflective thinking – an active strategy in which you will apply the new knowledge by relating to prior understanding and individual thinking by carefully considering your thoughts about course content. Power in learning is found in the action of doing and articulating thoughts. Reflect upon the many activities, applications, projects, etc. used throughout the units to learn the course material and interpret your thoughts on learning to understand the meaning of your experience.

Unit Learning Outcomes

  • Interpret and defend an awareness of their own philosophy, traits, skills, and behaviors as a leader and team member through an understanding and appreciation of the unique dimensions of their own strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities (CLO 1).


Review the unit resources and assigned chapters. Answer the discussion questions and submit for review. Primary post is due by Wednesday (11:59 pm, CST). Respond to at least two peer postings. Peer postings are due by Friday (11:59 pm, CST). Your peer responses should:

  • State if you share their perspective.
  • Explain your perspective on the issue.
  • Support your perspective with reasoning or justification.

Please be sure to use supporting material from the chapter to strengthen your discussion and justify your answers. There is no length limit; however, you should answer each question thoroughly.

Discussion Etiquette

  • You should consider the discussion threads as being analogous to the kind of discussions typical of a face-to-face class: strive to be yourself, have a voice, and to say things that are interesting, provocative, and respectful.
  • Since this is an educational setting, you are encouraged to proofread, and to avoid the more slang- and emoticon-fueled discourse that appear on social media.
  • One of the goals here is professional preparation; if you would not say or do something in the workplace, then you should not post similar material in a discussion thread.

Due Date

  • First post due 11:59 p.m., Wednesday CT
  • Respond to two or more classmates by 11:59 p.m., Friday, CT.

Discussion Questions

  1. Reflect on your course learning by sharing the most important ideas or applications you will take away.
    • Consider how this experience contributed to your growth in yourself – as a follower, leader, and team member.
    • Each unit/module you completed tasks to build on your knowledge and master the course objectives.
  2. For your final discussion, please thoroughly reflect on 3 things you learned from the course that you find to be most interesting, meaningful, and/or relevant.
    • How will you use the information learned in your personal and professional life?
    • Refer to the textbook or outside sources to explain the concepts, theories, principles, or paradigms and demonstrate how you will apply those lessons learned.

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