How Bitcoin S Blockchain Technology Can Be Used For Storing Medical Databases Withou 2765611

How Bitcoin’s Blockchain Technology can be used for storing medical databases without miners being paid. Document Preview:

SIT 792 Minor Thesis Assignment 4 – Minor Thesis Introduction Your Minor Thesis is a high quality written and presented document that describes in detail your research work this Trimester. This should capture the full range of research tasks you have undertaken and report back on your findings. It should be sufficiently detailed to substantiate your claims. Thesis This assessment task requires the student to systematically organise the outcomes of their research project. The thesis is a substantial document that represents student progress and accomplishments in the process of completing the research investigation/project. The thesis must be developed over time and Brief description of should include information about research ideas, questions, design and assessment task methodology, experimental data, discussion of results/findings and conclusion. The thesis must persuasively argue the need for research, respond to identified gaps and discuss original contributions that add value to advance the field of study. This is an individual task. Students are required to prepare a comprehensive thesis for submission not exceeding 10,000 words. The thesis must be Detail of student output structured as required and include all relevant information with appropriate formatting and references using Harvard style. Grading and weighting 45%?(% total mark for unit) Marked and graded ULO1 – Demonstrate an advanced and integrated understanding of a complex body of knowledge in one or more discipline areas by generating substantial contribution to knowledge through the use of appropriate research principles and methods.? ULO2 – Apply critical analysis and reflection to ethically research, synthesise and evaluate complex information, problems, concepts, interpretations and This task assesses your theories to demonstrate cognitive and technical skills in a body of knowledge or achievement of these Unit practice.? Learning Outcome(s) ULO3 –…



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