How Are Data And Information Used Within The Human Services Organizations To Support 3393015

how are data and information used within the human services organizations to support organizational planning?

How can you plan for anything without having any data/information on the topic? The same is true of any organization. 

You need to know what your goals/purposes are and the resources (material, financial and personnel) you have or will need to reach these goals. The steps you need to take to reach your goals need to be planned out in terms of the above information. 

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Can you please help me with this scenario? I'm struggling with this. Thank you!

Sample Statement

Mariana Rivera is married, 35 years old, with two children, 5 and 13. She lives in Brisas, in a brick house, and has one dog and two cars. She and her husband work full time, have credit cards, part-time maid, mortgage, and a loan. She cooks on the weekends, and the maid cooks during the week. Her family’s income is $1,900 per month. She cares about how she looks and she goes to the hairdresser. She buys at “Fresh Supermarkets” once a week and her maid/kids go to the “ethnic convenience store” during the week for milk, bread, or candy. Sometimes she goes to “99 Supermarkets” to buy in bulk or “The House of Delicatessen” for luxury items. She buys lottery tickets; she also buys expensive things in installments. She sends her laundry to the cleaners. She cooks from scratch; her family takes her good cooking for granted and they don’t entertain except on holidays. She worries if her children don’t finish the food on their plate. She is more and more stressed about taking care of her family’s needs everyday—bills, maid, kids’ clothes, food, and groceries. She appreciates value, but if something she buys is not good she goes back to the store to complain; when that happens she gets very upset. She has to drive to work every day and feels that traffic gets worse and worse every year. The family does not eat lunch at home but they get together for dinner every night.

•In 2-3 paragraphs, Build a target customer profile
•You may use Fresh Supermarkets as a guideline
•Be creative—have fun
•Define the target customer profile

–Include behaviors, demographics, consumer habits
–What is the value proposition?
–How will the customer respond to different marketing approaches?



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