Houston Community College System Types of Terrorism Discussion Questions

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Respond, in your own words, to the following open-ended questions, with 3 to 5 sentences. Refer to relevant class readings and be as specific as possible.


Define ethnic terrorism?

What distinguishes ethnicnationalistseparatist terrorism from religious terrorism?

According to Lizardo and Bergesen, what are the major types of terrorism?

According to Lizardo and Bergesen, what distinguishes each one of them?


What distinguishes religious terrorism from other types of terrorism?

How are religious ideologies different from other ideologies used by terrorists?

According to Pape, what accounts for the rise in suicide terror attacks and in particular, the escalation of suicide terrorism from the 1990s onwards?

According to Pape, what distinguishes religious terrorism from military coercion used by states?

What are the differences between the organizational approach and the social networks perspective in the context of suicide terrorism?


What are the major theories of terrorist decision-making?

Describe briefly the differences between the ways in which they define/describe terrorist activity in terms of causes, motivations, and objectives.

According to Lee, are terrorists different from non-terrorists in terms of social status?

According to Abrahms, is there strong empirical support for the strategic model?

According to Tezcur, is the decision to rebel mostly

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