Houston Community College Calculating Measure of Central Tendency Presentation

I don’t know how to handle this Statistics question and need guidance.

Submitting: One page presentation with at least a minimum of 2 graphs & 2 tables


This challenge will benefit you directly , in this course, as part of your DB grade. Indirectly it will help you work on calculating a weighted average. This will help you as a student going forward so you will be able to calculate the impact of your grade on any assignment in a course.


This assignment will help you to become familiar with the following concepts in this course:

  1. Frequency Distribution Table
  2. Calculate Weighted Average (Links to an external site.)


You will be to able to perform the following skills from doing this assignment:

  1. Learn how to use the ‘what if’ feature in Canvas
  2. Calculate weighted average & opportunity cost
  3. Increase math skills by using Algebra

    Task Steps :

    1. A friend asks for your help in this course. He just failed Exam 2 because he forgot to study and now is concerned he has lost his A. He isn’t sure what he is going to do & if he can still pass the final. He asks for you help, to determine what he will need to make on the last exam to get an A so he can transfer it to UH. His grades are as follows:

    HW 1 12 points/15HW 2 10 points/10HW 3 18 points/20Exam 1 87/100Exam 2 45/100Exam 3 ?/100DB #1 .5/1DB #2 .8/1Using the weights in this course compute his grade using a ‘running average.’ To do this you will need to know the algorithm behind how Canvas calculates grades (Links to an external site.). Test two different scenarios for his next exam score –Scenario 1 -he buckles down and gets a 95/100;Scenario 2 -he changes nothing major & increases his last exam score by 12% points over his average exam score. What is his final grade under each scenario? Assume he ask you to calculate a third scenario – He is now willing to make a C given he found out from his advisor that his letter grade does not affect his UH GPA. He now wants you to calculate what is the lowest grade he can make on Exam 3 so he can transfer the course to UH? Please present your analysis in a one page PDF Powerpoint & include at least 2 graphs & 2 tables to present your data along with your recommendation on how he should approach his third exam & please explain to him in simplest terms why he should take your advice.

    Task Steps

    1. Read Chapter 2 for examples & Chapter 3 for weighted average
    2. Define your problem(s) in your own words
    3. Gather Data (see tips below)
    4. Complete Analysis & double check your work work
    5. Give constructive feedback letting 2 classmates know what do they need to do to improve what they submitted. Focus primarily on their analysis first, presentation second. If you do not include this you will receive a zero for assignment.

    Possible Mistakes: Not fully understand how Canvas calculates grades. Will use total points in class to determine class average instead of using a weighted average. Another issue will be that few students will make note of what constructive feedback is & looks like.

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