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The term friendraising is used regularly when describing how fundraising professionals build relationships with board members, volunteers, and donors to solicit support for nonprofit organizations. However, the nonprofit organization’s clientele is often overlooked in this process. The extent to which a nonprofit organization develops and implements a volunteer program depends upon the nature and frequency of activities to be conducted by the volunteers. To conduct a successful capital campaign, a nonprofit organization must convince its constituents that the project deserves support. However, the first step is to determine whether such a major fundraising initiative is required.
Analyze and discuss why friendraising with a nonprofit organization’s clientele is important.
Evaluate and explain the role solicitation plays in this friendraising relationship.
Consider an emerging nonprofit organization, what infrastructure is required to develop an effective volunteer program?
In your opinion, when should a nonprofit organization consider a capital campaign? Discuss some prerequisites of a capital campaign and provide appropriate research to support your argument.
cite all sources in APA format must be at least 1000 words

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