HMD 401 University of Nevada Las Vegas The Taffrail Tavern Owners Group Discussion

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Your group owns the Taffrail Tavern featured in the Hernandez case on page 49-50. After losing the lawsuit, what are you going to change? What is a better way to handle the conflicts you’re still going to have between your customers? Beware the obvious answer: refusing any customers is bad for your revenue and you need the revenue because – no offense – this place is a dump and the music is too loud.

Each group member start by posting your own answer, then read and reply to the other group members’ posts. Work together to create one answer the whole group agrees to. When you’re finished, the group leader will post the group’s final answer at the end of the discussion thread. Remember — don’t leave too much work for the group leader – that will be you in a few weeks. Your grade will be based on the team answer and your individual contribution to the team.

* Please attach the answers first in 2 days so I can post the discussion. There are no group members’ posts yet (there are 3 members in a group including me). I will let you know as soon as possible if someone post to the discussion so you can read and reply to the group members’ posts.

* I will attach the Hernandez case. The page numbers are different because I have a different version of the book. I will also attach a copy of chapter 3 of the book.

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