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Request: This work consists of a series of short essay, each of them must be answered in its own word document and have its own cover page and reference page. So each part will be delivered separately.There are 5 parts in total and the attached document allows you to choose which question you will answer for each part. Each part should be around 2 full pages and should contain a minimum of 3 paragraphs. Choose only one single question for each part and deliver each of them in a different APA document. In total, I should receive 5 different Word documents from you. You will find almost all the answers online ( I know the essays are available on various websites). In case you use those works, please make sure they are heavily paraphrased to avoid any form of plagiarism. The deadline is very strict so please try to deliver the work MAXIMUM by the proposed deadline. Requirements: 5 Short Essays, 2 pages each of them, APA , Double Spaced, Times New Roman 12.

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