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Prompt: Compare and contrast the American Colonization Society with the American Anti-slavery Society relative to the circumstances that prompted their activism, their goals, their tactics, and their results. In your 650-750 word essay use, quote, and cite: 1)four sources from the documents I attached(choose 4 to cite of your choice) 2)the text book: The Brief American Pageant: A History of the Republic, Volume I: To 1877, 9th Edition. By: David M. Kennedy 3)two other secondary sources but not wikipedia so, a total of 7 sources should be used and cited. Use MLA format, Times New Roman Font, and be sure to include a separate Works Cited. Guidelines:
Your Discussion Essay will be a 650-750 word essay with a separate Works Cited written in MLA style and format. Your essay will mention the sources (proof) used within the Essay with in-text citations and your Works Cited will contain a list of all of the sources (evidence) you used to support (prove) your statements. Each paragraph must be supported by at least one source. If you have quoted your source using exact words, place quotation marks around your quote and follow it immediately with the parenthetical in-text citation. If you just use and reword information from the source or sources you use within the paragraph, place the parenthetical intext citation at the end of the paragraph. When your source is a book, the in-text citation will be the author’s last name and the page number where you found the information. If your source is a speech or writing by someone, use the speaker/writer’s last name in the parenthesis. Also include a word count. Requirements: 650-750 word

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