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Students will write a 1,500-word piece celebrating the learning they have accomplished this semester. You will be required to use lecture and assigned primary and secondary sources. Make sure you cite all material that is not your own original ideas. Failure to do so will result in a zero on the assignment, as this will violate the college’s rules regarding plagiarism. You are to write in Times New Roman, 12-point font, double-spaced. While history papers generally use the Chicago citation method, (Links to an external site.) I will not require you to be so extensive. You can either footnote or simply use parenthesis to cite a particular idea or quotation with the author and the page number i.e. (Adams, pg. 3);(Lecture 4, slide 10). Remember that any idea that is not your own needs to be properly cited. If you are concerned that you have not properly cited something, either e-mail me or cite the work so you do not have to worry about plagiarism. I will be grading based on grammar, argument and ability to convey ideas, spelling, sourcing of materials, specificity, and content. Proofreading can only help you. Students are required to use at least 4 assigned sources (primary and secondary sources). Lessons are good for situating context, but I’m really interested in what your analysis is of the assigned materials as you answer the prompt. What perceptions did you come into this class with regarding African American history? How have your perceptions changed about a particular topic(s) and/or individuals? How will you apply what you learned in this course after this term ends? How will you discuss African American history within your own community? What topics and themes will you emphasize? (Topics and themes can include changing ideas about race, gender, class, settler colonialism, religion, Indigenous history, segregation, social movements, African American women’s roles in American society, etc.). Be specific. Requirements: 1500 words min.

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