HIST 4904 VCU American Women In The Military During WW2 Research Paper


is the template must be followed, also attached is the an example of what it should look like, also list of primary and secondary.

Thesis: How did gender roles define what American women did in the military during WW2.

Looking at: Nursing, Codebreakers/ spies, roles in WAVES,WACS, WASPS.

FIRST, draft a preliminary “reason-based” outline of your chapter, with 3-4 “reasons” identified, formatted as follows:

Claim/Argument/Working Thesis
1. Reason 1
2. Reason 2
3. Reason 3
4. Reason 4

SECOND, transform your “reason-based” outline into a “question-based” outline, with 3-4 secondary questions (provide the answer to each secondary question in parentheses), formatted as follows. The best primary and secondary research questions always begin with a “why” or a “how”.

Primary Research Question (the question that your Claim answers)

  1. Secondary Question 1 (answer 1 = reason 1)
  2. Secondary Question 2 (answer 2 = reason 2)
  3. Secondary Question 3 (answer 3 = reason 3)
  4. Secondary Question 4 (answer 4 = reason 4)

Working Thesis/Argument/Answer to Primary Research Question

THIRD, Insert a shorthand list of relevant evidence for each of your Secondary Questions

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