HIST 1302 What Have You Learned This Semester Essay

Final Writing Assignment

Instructions are files attached


– Your response to the question must be typed—twelve point font, double-spaced,
one-inch margins. In writing your answer, please do not exceed five pages.

– In your response, use your assigned text(s), the instructor’s handouts, class notes
taken from discussions, and any other SCHOLARLY sources you may want.

– Your generalizations must be supported by direct citations from the text, class
notes, or instructor’s handouts.

– Citations should be made in MLA format. For readings, class notes or presentations, you might use: (Zinn, 26) or (Loewen, 3) or (class notes) or (Powerpoint,
Cold War).

– Note: You must cite parenthetically throughout your narrative. Please follow this
format. There should be many citations throughout your response taken from the
sources noted above because assumptions and interpretations must be bolstered by
citations. The strength of your response is dependent largely upon the number of
citations from the assigned sources.

– Do not include a bibliography.

– You may consult with your classmates in formulating an answer to this question.
However, you must write your own, unique, independent answer to this question.

Prof. Angela


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