HIST 12 SMC Petition of Committee on Behalf of The Freedmen to Andrew Johnson Essay

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Analyze The primary source (attached PDF) by placing it in historical context. In order to do this discuss what was going on at the time your source was written. What kind of source is it? It could be a letter, a law, a newspaper or magazine article, a legal contract, an extract from a book, or something else. Who wrote it and why? What do you think the historical significance is? In other words, what does this source tell us about the time period?

Write a few paragraphs for your source. Use complete sentences and proof read your work before you submit it. Use a phrase or sentence from the source as evidence for what you are arguing. When you take a direct quote from the source (the PDF), put it in quotes and at the end of the sentence cite it.

** USE YOUR OWN WORDS,NO PLAGIARISM, the instructor is very sensitive on this matter.

*** Time sensitive 4-5 paragraphs

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