HIST 011 ELAC Major Social & Political Crises Among Colonies in The Late 17th Century Essay

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After reading chapter 3 write a two-page essay that describes the major social and political crisis in the colonies in the late 17th century. This was a time of great upheaval as the land was being transformed, the social landscape was changing and the political dynamics took on a strict racial overtone. Even among Europeans, race and class origins determined the outcome of peoples lives. This chapter goes into this complicated history with facts and interpretations that are still hotly contested today. The Black Lives Matter movement, slavery, Native American rights and nativist sentiment are hard to ignore on a daily basis to this day.

For this week, write an essay where you quote Foner at least twice in your response. Think about how the book points to different points of view on the same subject across the social spectrum during the 1600s. In short, your essay should briefly describe how these major crises affected African Americans, Anglo Americans and Native Americans differently. Focus on each group separately as you go through the major issues chronologically.

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