HIS 3308 UCF The Name of War Essay

Question Description

Choose 1 question and respond.

1. Jill Lepore writes extensively on “identity.” Explain how the English attempted to conduct war without losing their identity.

2. Jill Lepore writes extensively on “identity.” Explain how Native Americans conducted the British titled “King Philip’s War” within their own construct of “identity.”


In order to turn in the assignment, you must turn it in via Canvas. Canvas will run the document through Turnitin.com, a software program that scans your paper for plagiarism. Please do not plagiarize.

Assignment Details:

Your response will be 2-3 pages, double spaced, standard margins/headers/footers, include page numbers, 12 point font, and be in Times New Roman. I expect your name to be at the top of the paper and a title. Grammar and sentence structure absolutely count towards your grade. I expect you to refer to the readings and cite appropriately (ie: MLA, Chicago, Turabian, APA, etc.) As long as it is a standard citation style, I will accept it.

Online Responses / Weekly Written Responses Grading Rubric

10 Points / Exceptional

  • Offers evidence of serious reflection on the reading, going beyond what has been discussed in class previously
  • Contributes meaningfully to an understanding of the text
  • Includes specific references to the reading
  • Demonstrates awareness of counterarguments and alternative perspectives
  • Is written in a clear, concise manner

8 Points / Satisfactory

  • Displays command of the reading and other course material
  • Lacks depth and detail
  • Ideas are not fully developed

6 Points / Underdeveloped

  • Displays limited understanding of the reading
  • The posting consists largely of description or summary
  • Fails to provide specific textual references

4 Points / Limited

  • The posting is unfocused and undeveloped

Grading Criteria: Argument, Evidence, Expression


Your paper needs to provide an analysis of the material. Do not just describe events or summarize other people’s ideas. Frame your paper around a problematic (a question or issue for analysis). Over the course of the paper, develop a logical, well-substantiated argument in response to the problem you lay out in your introduction. Provide an interpretation that has breadth, coherence, and insight.


You should back up your argument with evidence from authoritative secondary sources and/or primary sources. You must cite every idea you borrow from another author. You must cite every time you quote a primary or a secondary source.


Writing in clear, well-organized prose is crucial to effective rhetoric (the art of making an argument). If a reader cannot understand your meaning, then s/he will certainly not be convinced by your argument. Think about your writing in both global (the paper as a whole and its component paragraphs) and local (the sentences and their elements) terms.

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