HIS 011 ELAC Europeans Encountering Native Americans in Western Hemisphere Essay

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Ch. 2 essay prompt

In this module, we are off to understanding how European settlers encountered Native Americans in the western hemisphere. As we read how this process happened lets keep in mind that no one “discovered” America, there was an encounter. Please DO NOT write that Europeans discovered America. And to a lesser extent, you should understand that the use of the terms New World and Old World is also politically biased. When we talk of one group discovering the other we elevate one over the other and we don’t want to replicate the racialized cultural hierarchy of colonial America.

After reading chapter two write a two page essay that describes the obstacles the English settlers faced in America as they developed colonies from the New England area to the Chesapeake. What were their challenges in terms of the natural landscape they encountered, the social landscape they encountered as well as the personal religious adaptations they had to make. Take a look at the attached document to help you with the essay,

Quote Foner’s words at least twice in this response. Submit your response in the “assignments” tab. Make sure you take a look at the library writing guides to help you properly cite Foner in your essay.

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