High Point Transitions to Democracy and International Linkage and Democratization Discussion

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write two summary about

  • Rustow, Transitions to democracy: Toward a dynamic model (read pages 346-361)
  • Levitsky & Way, International linkage and democratization (Steven Levitsky and Lucan A. Way, page 20-34)

1. a summary of the main argument the author is making and description of any evidence and/or logic used to support that argument (focus on conclusions and how they are reached);(at least 500 words)

2. a brief reflection on the article/chapter and its implications (you might consider whether the evidence is persuasive, the extent to which the various arguments complement or conflict with each other, what the implications are for democracy promotion around the world, and similar);

3. wirte two discussion questions for each summary and answer it (at least 300 words)

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