Hi The Project About Geomorphology Or Geology About Glaciers The Question Can Be See 2764377

Hithe project about Geomorphology or geology about glaciers.the question can be seen at end which three question 1- map. 2- answer one question . 3- longitudinal profile and calculate value. the I have attached map to work call GranitMtnGlaciers pdf file. another map to understand.Also google earth file to see the location.
I hope to do well on this, Document Preview:

GEOS 4053/5253: Lab Exercise 1 – Due at the beginning of lab (January 23, 2018) NAME: _____________________ Lab 1: Introduction to glaciers and glacial deposits These next few weeks you will begin working on a first virtual field project, which requires you to create a map of the extent of glaciers and their deposits during the late Pleistocene in the southwestern corner of Lake Tahoe, CA. For many of you this will be the first time you have examined glaciated terrain or made a map from remote sensing imagery. To help with this effort, we have created this short exercise in which you will examine currently active glaciers in the Granite Mountain area of southern Alaska using a combination of Google Earth imagery, aerial photographs, and a topographic map. The analyses requested here are similar to that required for the first big project, but in the latter case the glaciers are no longer present. Getting Started: Turn on Google Earth Pro and upload the kmz file (posted on Blackboard). Note that in Google Earth Tools, Options, 3D View you can among other things, choose a vertical exaggeration. Some exaggeration helps to bring out features. Also under View, you can choose to show historical imagery. Selecting this option will place a slider bar feature on the screen, allowing you to scroll through the available satellite data from past years. Upload the Granite Creek composite jpeg (also on Blackboard) to your computer. A printed copy accompanies this handout, but the electronic version allows you to zoom in on features and to switch between the photograph and Google Earth. Andrew Meigs of Oregon State University provided the photograph and the map interpretation that accompanies it. Note how each glacier in the image is numbered and the current extent of glaciers and three moraines (color coded) are mapped. Drainage divides are also mapped-except for glaciers 6 and 8. Note attached to this handout (and on Blackboard) is a…



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