Hi The Assignment Is Called Fnstpb401 Complete Business Activity And Instalment Acti 3146424

Hi, The assignment is called FNSTPB401 – Complete business activity and instalment activity statements.I have attached the Assignment let me known if you need the learning content for each topic Document Preview:

FNSTPB401 Complete business activity and instalment activity statements ASSESSMENT GUIDE ASSESSMENT INFORMATION for students Throughout your training we are committed to your learning by providing a training and assessment framework that ensures the knowledge gained through training is translated into practical on the job improvements. You are going to be assessed for: Your skills and knowledge using written and observation activities that apply to the workplace. Your ability to apply your learning. Your ability to recognise common principles and actively use these on the job. All your assessment and training is provided as a positive learning tool. Your assessor will guide your learning and provide feedback on your responses to the assessment materials until you have been deemed competent in this unit. HOW YOU WILL BE ASSESSED The process we follow is known as competency-based assessment. This means that evidence of your current skills and knowledge will be measured against national standards of best practice, not against the learning you have undertaken either recently or in the past. Some of the assessment will be concerned with how you apply your skills and knowledge in the workplace, and some in the training room as required by each unit. The assessment tasks have been designed to enable you to demonstrate the required skills and knowledge and produce the critical evidence to successfully demonstrate competency at the required standard. Your assessor will ensure that you are ready for assessment and will explain the assessment process. Your assessment tasks will outline the evidence to be collected and how it will be collected, for example; a written activity, case study, or demonstration and observation. The assessor will also have determined if you have any special needs to be considered during assessment. Changes can be made to the way assessment is undertaken to account for special needs and this is called making Reasonable Adjustment. What if I…



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