Hi, need to submit a 1750 words paper on the topic Some Issues in Political Science.
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Hi, need to submit a 1750 words paper on the topic Some Issues in Political Science. The community is inherently a fabrication of nature. This is vividly observed in the fact that no single individual is self-sustaining or in layman’s terms no man is an island. The social trait is a predisposition in every human by nature. In this social setting, man is governed by law and justice therefore, virtuous. In an event he discards this it becomes the genesis of havoc, this giving way to injustice, savageness as the beasts, lust, and gluttony. In so saying it is therefore clear, for there to be order in the state or community, justice is paramount. With a political disposition, the government is the one that upholds justice among men.The means towards a good life is where the constituent families in a state live in a happy, honorable, self-sufficing perfect life. This is facilitated by the government. This government is the ultimate authority for all men in the community/state. It is made up of people and subsequently in the hands of one or many individuals depending on the government type. In one whereby it is concentrated around a single individual is referred to as kingship or loyalty. That which, there is more than one but not many rules, aristocracy. However, in an instance where the citizens at large govern for the common interest, it is referred to in a generic name as constitutional government. In the above forms, perversions cannot lack, they are: for the constitutional government, democracy, of royalty, tyranny, of the aristocracy, oligarchy. In tyranny the interests of the monarch are paramount in every conceivable respect, for the oligarchy interests are in the wealthy and not the citizenry, for democracy, it is in the poor. Though democracy may be perceived as the lesser evil, neither has the common good of all at heart. For each and every leader according to Niccolo Machiavelli, a leader that does what ought to be done will instead of maintaining his power undermine it. If a morally straight leader surrounds himself with dishonest and corrupt individuals his downfall is at hand. And so if a leader is interested in maintaining his hold on to power he/she must be ready to be immoral when necessary. Thus, impossible for a ruler to maintain the good qualities eternally due to his circumstances. So one must be shrewd as to exercise virtuousness in some instances while in others vice so as to avoid ruin.

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