Hi Need To Submit A 1250 Words Essay On The Topic Cryptography Attacks Download

Hi, need to submit a 1250 words essay on the topic Cryptography Attacks.

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This is further compounded by the constant need for government agencies to share information over the common means of communication such as the internet. Additionally, the numerous enemies of the government also use the normal means of communication and the government develops interest in obtaining some of their communications. This led the government to form the National Security Agency, this is a special state agency mandated with overseeing state communication and supervising all communications in the country with a view to averting threats to the country. The agency employs the best brains in communication technology and has some of the best cryptographers in the world. The besides coding government information for communication over the open networks, the agency looks for other strange codes in the American market and breaks them in the pretext of vigilance and the country’s security. Ethics and morality on the other hand refers to sets of behavior governing principles concerned with the right or wrong decision. Everyday activities present people with situations that require them to choose between right from wrong and good from bad. There is no universal standard of these but somehow people will always know from the actions of others whether a decision was right or wrong. The media as a means of communicating for the people presents a number of regulatory challenges some of which are ethical. The advent of the internet further worsened these scenarios by presenting virtually everyone with the ability to communicate to others and even become mass communicators. The internet has no assigned gatekeepers or regulators. The users reserve these powers a feature that puts them in very precarious situations. The operations of the National Security Agency and other hackers further worsen the scenario making the decision on wrong and right harder to make. Ethics and morality are behavior guidelines that reduce harm to others. By making an operative and acceptable choice between right and wrong or good and bad, a person secures the interest of another thus preventing an unnecessary harm to the other party. Such understandings further put government agencies such as the NSA in challenging situations (James, 2001). The agency searches and breaks millions of coded messages on a daily basis. After breaking the codes, the government official assesses them and those found safe later communicated to their recipients as intended and in the original format. The unsuspecting recipient thinks the message is safe, secure and highly secretive not knowing that government officials had the content before they got to him or her. This presents a great dilemma in the operations of the government since the need to protect the people is equally important to their fundamental right of privacy vested in the bill of rights. The government safeguards the country and every citizen in it. The American government will not allow any ill motive by anybody to cause harm or deaths of innocent Americans. To keep this promise the government, the government breaks a number of ethical principles such as accessing people private and confidential information. Some of the codes that the agency deciphers normally turn out to be communication between drug barons and not necessarily terrorists. The decoding process was necessitated by the rampant terrorist attack threats in the country.

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