Hi Need To Submit A 1250 Words Essay On The Topic Critical Thinking Critically

Hi, need to submit a 1250 words essay on the topic Critical thinking- Critically discuss whether slum-upgrading projects have been a success or failure.

aces, health problems have led to the emergence of water borne diseases that have claimed the lives of many who resides in these areas (Katukiza 2014 Pg. 17). Poor sanitary services that cause the epidemic of diseases crops in when absentee tenants build overcrowded semi-permanent houses with a single toilet to be shared by a multitude.

The slum- upgrading projects in many parts of the world face various set- backs such as lack of affordability to the poor to build better and many toilets. In addition, the slum- upgrading projects intended to relocate the displaced poor people to their own land found their way to the exploitative political figures. Since 2000, the government of many countries harboring slum dwellers and UNCHS (Habitat) has worked closely to help resolve the sanitary dilemma that has affected the health of many residents.

Informal settlement has greatly affected the environment in substantial levels through its dense populated nature. Slum dwellers may engage in sporadic dumping tendencies that affect the environment. Slum- upgrading projects works towards identifying the best localities to build toilets and dumping sites. In its effort to locate these environments, the programs face challenges from the local authorities and political figures that may interfere with land tenure.

When the slum- upgrading projects fails to secure land that it can build toilets and dumping site, residents of the slum engages in toilet and dumping behaviors that destroy the environment, which may cause health related issues to crop up. Slum- upgrading projects embarks on soliciting government figures and donors to facilitate the conservation of the environment (Snell- Rood 2013 Pg. 21). Its failure may arise when the project lacks a formidable source of the donation to take it through the entire program. Environmental challenges that face slum- upgrading projects in some slums involve steep terrain and rivers that borders the slum. The problem hinders the slum from

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