Hi Need Help For Lab In Python 3 4 2 Thank You Calculates The Dimensions For Various 1092436

Hi, Need help for lab in python 3.4.2 Thank You

Calculates the dimensions for various fish pond configurations.Specifically, the program will calculate the volume for the pond incubic feet, the surface area of the sides and bottom of the fishpond, and the area of a 2-foot wide border around the edge of thepond.
Ponds come in predefined sizes and shapes.
     There are:
    – circular ponds, diameter: 5 feet

    – square ponds, side: 5 feet

     – rectangular ponds, dimensions: 4 feet by7 feet

     – ovoid ponds, dimensions: 4 feet by 6feet
The “oval” can be decomposed into two semicircles attached to arectangle.

     – “L”-shaped ponds: overall dimensions: 6feet by 10 feet
The “L” can be decomposed into three smaller rectangles;alternately, it could be viewed as a large rectangle with a cornerexcised.

The basic depth of a pond is 24 inches. For the Challenge option,depth is variable:    18, 24, or 30 inches deep.Remember that 12 inches is one foot, so these values translate into1.5, 2.0, or 2.5 feet deep, respectively.

The program shall ask the user for the characteristics of thedesired fish pond:
   the shape: circle, square, rectangle, oval, or L
the depth (for the challenge option): 18, 24, 30
The only acceptable input values are those listed in boldabove.
Based on the user’s input values, the program shall calculate andreport the statistics for the requested pond:
   the volume in cubic feet
   the surface area of the sides and bottom
   the surface area for a two-foot wide border around thepond
Minimal version
For the minimal version, the program can assume that the useralways types accurately. So, if the user does not enter one of theexpected values, the behavior of the program is undefined. That is,it could crash, it could end without generating any output, itcould A????1
Sample run, Minimal version
   the user input is shown in blue boldtext.
Fish ponds are available in the following shapes:
            circle, square, rectangle, oval, L
        Please select the shapefor your fish pond:

   The volume of your fish pond is 50.000 cubicfeet.
   The surface area of your fish pond is 65.000 squarefeet.

The volume is determined by the area of the base times thedepth. In this case, the square base     hasarea 25, 5×5, and the depth is 2 feet. So, 50 cubic feet, printedwith three places after the decimal point.

The surface area is actually just the area of the sides andbottom of the pond. There are four sides, each 5×2, for the area ofthe sides of 40 square feet. As noted above, the area of the bottomis 25 square feet. This gives a total surface area of 65 squarefeet, also reported with three places following the decimalpoint.

The surface area is actually just the area of the sides andbottom of the pond. There is one circular side, 5? A????1 2. So, thearea of the sides is approximately 31.415927 square feet. As notedabove, the area of the bottom is approximately 19.634954 squarefeet. This gives a total surface area of approximately 51.050881square feet, also reported with three places following the decimalpoint.

Notes for Minimal Versions

The script shall prompt the user for the shape of the desiredfish pond.

The prompt for the shape shall include the acceptable values:circle, square, rectangle, oval, and L.

The script shall only process a single fish pond. After the onepond is done, the script shall end.

The calculated values shall all be reported to the thousandths,three places after the decimal point.

For the minimal version, the values for the volume and surfacearea can be hard-coded into the output string.

Target values for the volume and area for the Minimalversion:


In addition to the Python script, the assignment includes abrief written report that answers the following questions:

How did you approach (get started with) this assignment?

How did you test your program?

What works and what doesn’t work?

What did you learn from this assignment? What would you dodifferently next time?

Notes about the Report

The written report does not have to be long. A paragraph or twois probably sufficient for this assignment.

The file format for written report is ASCII text (.txt file). Asa plain text file, you don’t have to worry about issues like bold,italics, images. It should make it simpler.

You may find it easier to write the written report if you startit early and take notes about the process as you work through theproblem, rather than trying to write the report at the end, frommemory.

The final question: “What would you do differently next time?”is asking about how you would approach the next programmingassignment based on what you learned in this assignment. It is notabout this specific programming problem.

Put your name and this assignment number and name at the top ofthe written report.

Prof. Angela


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