Hi I Need Help With Essay On The History Of Jazz Paper Must Be At Least 750 Word

Hi, I need help with essay on The history of Jazz. Paper must be at least 750 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

r can be recognized with her sultry, sensuous voice which sounds intimate in small club settings and the same soars with passionate intensity in the festival arena (“Ernestine Anderson” 1). “Whether it’s Ellington or Sting, Ms. Anderson’s interpretation of a song is infectious.” (“Ernestine Anderson” 1). The lady has been absolutely charming and vivacious on stage and her joy in the music has been delighting audiences from Sweden to Japan (“Ernestine Anderson” 1). The jazz expert has already recorded over 30 albums and has performed at all the major jazz festivals along with receiving four Grammy nominations (“Ernestine Anderson” 1). Ernestine has been one of the 75 women who were selected for the book, I Dream a World: Portraits of Black Women Who Changed America, by Pulitzer Prize winning photographer Brian Lanker (“Ernestine Anderson” 1).

Some of Ernestine’s popular expertise encompasses Hot Cargo in 1958, Never Make Your Move Too Soon in 1981, Big City in 1983, Now and Then in 1993, Blues, News & Love News in 1996, Isn’t It Romantic in 1998, etc. (“Ernestine Anderson” 1). Apart from down-home blues, poignant ballads and sassy swing are also her specialties (“Ernestine Anderson” 1). Her all-time favorite, blues is a vocal and instrumental form of music which is based on the blue notes (“Blues”). The typical instruments of blues encompass guitar, piano, harmonica, bass, drums, saxophone, vocals, trumpet and trombone (“Blues”). Its most popular derivative form is jazz (“Blues”).

Among Ernestine’s stunning success, Never Make Your Move Too Soon recorded in 1981 and Now and Then recorded in 1993 are worth listening. Both the recordings reflect her as a virtuoso of the blues and both have been a Grammy nominee (“Ernestine Anderson” 1). Both the recordings reveal a true jazz and blues vocalist extraordinaire.

The title song of the album Never Make Your Move Too Soon on track number one is typical of her

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