Hi I Need Help With Essay On The Food And Farming Transition Paper Must Be At Le

Hi, I need help with essay on The Food and Farming Transition. Paper must be at least 750 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

This makes it possible to do away with hunger problems resulting from scarcity of food. The only reason why a people from an area can die of hunger may be economic ability to purchase the products not the scarcity. The inability to purchase means the prices are high which could only means the products are not locally produced (Richard Heinberg, 2009). Products produced from far have more value fuel costs attached to it making less affordable to people. While, it may be true that there is more economic gains than losses, it is important to note that this can only be true in some areas and remains to be oppositely true in the area of general gains in all aspects.

However, globalization contributes to contamination of the food on transit while also raising a major concern that motivates a rethinking of globalization. This is the high consumption of fuel in the form of fertilizer production process, large-scale farming and other fuel consumption processes that is the case with large-scale agricultural production.

Agricultural production in America is done by few people due to large-scale production that employs the use of machineries that consumes fuels. This is a major concern given the diminishing fuel production. To help save the problem that may be caused by uncertainty in oil prices, the governments should reconsider their fuel use policies and compare it against the benefits of transitioning to the policy of using less fuels and local production of agricultural products thereby less relying on imports (Heinberg, 2003).

This can be done by reducing the dependence on products that heavily rely on fuel use by acknowledging the demerits posed by the same. Few people practice agriculture because land is less and most services are mechanized. Fertilizers that are used are produced through a process that in itself can produce so much crops than fertilizers and use so much fuel thereby contributing to diminishing of the same. Machineries

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