Hi I Need Help With Essay On The Coast Guard Academy And What You Will Get As A

Hi, I need help with essay on The Coast Guard Academy and what you will get as a Cadet. Paper must be at least 250 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

The researcher will begin with the statement that his particular interest is within the Coast Guard Academy. The author has rightly presented that he believes that life is short and one should do what one wants to in entirety. This is the reason why the author tilt is towards becoming a Cadet which shall, in essence, take care of his future professional domains. His four years as a Cadet would teach the author discipline in the sternest manner possible. It will inculcate in him a sense of understanding how life shapes up and what needs to be done in order to bring sanity to his life. The basic understanding underlining the case study is that the researcher’s goals are to achieve what he has always dreamt of within his professional life. The researcher states that this has meant that he shall take care of the important factors within his stay at the Coast Guard Academy which will pave the way for my success in the times to come. The paper tells that other goals that the researcher has established for him include his adherence towards keeping him motivated, especially under difficult circumstances and extraordinary situations. The efforts that the author has put in all this while bank on his educational qualification and his reliance on making his way through the different pathways to achieve his goals. The researcher will conclude with an example of time management which he is good at.

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