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Hi, I need help with essay on The Change of Polynesian Islands. Paper must be at least 1000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

This essay primarily concerns about changes of the inhabitants of Polynesia Islands. It looks into who and how the changes affected tradition of Polynesians. Here in, are reasons for construction of a naval base at Pearl Harbor.

The lifestyle of people in Polynesia

In Polynesia Islands, the inhabitants held in their tradition and customary beliefs, which according to them were sacred and involved principles of the olden days. Polynesians lived as a family, as their community was a centered type. Community centered refers to a community where people live as one exhibiting cordial relations. The reason for referring Polynesians as people of a self-centered culture is that they aimed at ensuring the survival of all people living in these islands (specifically, all Polynesians) (Craig 6). Moreover, the best way of surviving was through a proper utilization of the available resources. Proper allocation of the resources necessitated a good stay. Living by strictly observing the cultural norms was very crucial especially in various distinct places within the Polynesian islands, as it helped them be strong.

How Polynesians lived Polynesians had very little knowledge regarding modern ways of living. This denotes the reason why they only believed in the tradition of Polynesia. According to Polynesia French Country Study Guide (53), Polynesians lived differently according to how they would adapt to the conditions of an island. Polynesia Islands’ navigators made use of the oral traditions to spot routing ways. Moving from one island to another was by water machinery available and personally made by Polynesians. Polynesian navigators had unique ways of locating the direction of where they need to sail. Primarily, locating sites was through recollection of essential information including moving of particular stars, knowledge about the horizon, the weather (which depicted the best time to travel, by having a concern about the change in clouds) (Lockard 92). To ensure security during their travel, navigators never revealed how they managed to sail from one region to another. Intervention of Polynesia islandsby western imperialists Imperialist are people who enact force when invading a region of their interest. They believe that ability to manage the inhabitants of a region is by changing the constitution of the region. Managing individuals was through knowledge of the rules and morals set by their forefathers. Western imperialists grew interest in changing perception of the Polynesian inhabitants concerning their tradition. Purposely, Western people invented Polynesian islands with an aim of improving the economy and obtaining more territories useful during oncoming World War II (Lockard 706). However, the change was not as easy as the Westerns expected. This was because Polynesians never believed of evading their traditions, as they were a guideline to their way of living. Adopting modern culture meant that they accepted the western way of ruling. They would then become part of colonized cities of the Western imperialists. The strategy used by westerners to pursue their economic benefit The western people have unique strategies of acquiring territories of their desire. They planned on what strategy to use on various states depending on the strength of those states. For instance, an increase in the provisions of a particular region attracts westerners, because it portrays the economic strength of that region (Lockard 853). By acquiring more land, westerners turn the inhabitants into slaves working on their lands. This helped in ensuring that cultivation was at the preferable time. The output is useful for trading

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