Hi I Need Help With Essay On The Behavior Of A Nonverbal Student With Autism Pap

Hi, I need help with essay on The behavior of a nonverbal student with autism. Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

According to 2013 Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP), the Lamar Elementary School met 14 of 17 AYP criteria. In 2013, the school also earned API of 940, and the 2012-13 API Growth was -9. Sam is enrolled in an instructed classroom in which routine and visual structure are provided. A new program called SUCCESS is applied in the classroom, and the classroom is divided into four areas: 1:1, I.W.S., Group Area, and Small Group. In 1:1 area, an Intensive Behavior Interventionists (IBI) works with the students on their individual behavior goals. The students at the Independent Work Station (I.W.S.) are assigned tasks that they already know how to do. Moreover, the goal is for the student to come to the station, sit down, go through the tasks, and do so all independently and without needing reminders to stay on task. At Group Area, the teacher does whole group activity at the table where the purpose is mostly acquiring social skills, such as learning to sit in a group, waiting for their turn, and staying attended to the task. The teacher works with his students to cover Early Literacy Skills Building, Math curriculum, Handwriting without Tears, and the students’ IEP academic goals. Eight students are grouped for instructions based on behaviors and how the adults can best manage the students as well as their station. The overall classroom management has been more so based on behaviors of the individual students. In addition to their behavior support plans, the teacher uses token boards to reinforce desired/correct behaviors.

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