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Hi, I need help with essay on Administration of Criminal Justice: CRJS345. Paper must be at least 750 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

The debate surrounding the privatization of prisons is dependent on the costs and benefits associated with the privatization of the prisons. From the perspective of state managed prisons, the costs of privatizing the prisons are quite high. This is because the private prisons lack the resources required to handle and restrict dangerous criminals. In recent history there have been cases where dangerous criminals have been able to escape the private prison due to lack of appropriate security measures. For example: during the period of 2010 three criminals were able to escape from the prison located in the region of Kingman and these criminals were labeled as violent criminals (Levine, 2010). Another reason due to which prisons should be managed by the public sector is that private prisons have failed to deter criminals from conducting criminal activities after they are allowed to be free. According to a study conducted by Duwe, the risk of a criminal indulging in criminal acts and returning back to the prison is quite high in case of private prisons (Duwe, 2013).

The proponents of the privatization of prisons argue that the private prisons are much cost effective as compared to publically managed prisons. Moore conducted a study in which the researcher was able to identify that the private prison were using innovative techniques to manage their prisons which resulted in higher cost effectiveness as compared to public prisons (Moore, 1998). The proponents even argue that the private prisons can play a better role in deterrence and rehabilitation of criminals because private prisons offer access to better prison living standards. According to a research conducted by Archambeault, private prisons offer better educational programs as well as security of the officers within the prison and lesser incidences of disturbances that

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