Hi I Need Help Answering The Following Question Context Is Provided Below Accord

Hi I need help answering the following question. Context is provided below.

  1. According to psychoanalytic theory why did Jonas react with anger to these two events? 
  2. What defense mechanisms were activated in Jonas?

Synopsis of Jonas’ life:

6 months old – put up for adoption

6 months – 10 yrs- in and out of various foster care and group homes

10 yrs old – adopted

12 yrs old – sent to military school by adopted family to correct behavior

Sexually abused by male authority figure at military school

Jonas reported that he appreciated military school for the structure and found it comforting

The sexual abuse was described as “leaving an incredible mark on him”

Adopted home environment described as “immaculate, strict and neurotic.” In addition Jonas describes his adopted family as:

                                              i.    Father – cold, brutal, forbidding.

                                             ii.    Mother – could never please her

                                           iii.    Sister – 3 years younger and simply perfect

Jonas now is an adult (who identifies as a gay male) and is in counseling for his anger problem regarding two particular events.

  1. His anger (assault and vandalization of his partners property) toward his male partner when his partner started to become less interested in him and more interested in other men. Jonas reacted in rage when his partner told him he was going to leave him. This resulted in Jonas initiating a physical altercation and then vandalization of his partner’s car.
  2. In addition, he has become unable to maintain a job and in this particular instance acted out after being fired by sneaking in after hours and destroying work property.

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