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Each student will post a weekly reflection/discussion on the Monday discussion board. Students will pick one point of interest from the weekly readings and post a 100-150 word reflection each week.

I need you to write 100 word reflection on Hinduism then reflect on the these posts:

1- In the nine live reading, I found the Dalit dancer topic and story very interesting. The story about the man being able to play one of the dancers one season and then the next season be digging a well for a Brahman shows the stark contrast of social rule. This man is a Dalit, a social outcast most of the year except when he is worshipped as a dancer, then even this Brahman warships him as a great being that could bring about social justice and reform the caste system. But, then things change, life goes back to normal and he works his regular job, digging wells. While digging the well, then Brahman refused to be near him, wouldn’t let him touch the plated or buckets he owned, like this Dalit would contaminate his goods. It shows just how hypocritical some traditions can be, but still exist for the sake of tradition only.

2- Reading Nine Lives I came across a section that has an interview with Ajay, who dropped his comfortable job and gave away his possessions in order to become a sanyasi/wanderer. He states “Once you learn to restrain your desires, anything becomes possible”. This is very interesting to me because in a society today where we value setting goals and base our opinions on other peoples possessions and titles, we do not have this same view as Ajay in the reading. I think we all desire the best for ourselves year after year which is good because we strive to be better than we were previously, but I do believe we are caught up in the possessions rather than moksha as stated in the reading.

3-While reading Nine Lives the part that stuck out to me was the man named Ajay. His story in the passage blew my mind. He was tired of his job of being a marketing fans and fridges so he wrote a letter to his boss and parents and left. He gave all of his belonging to the poor and then he found a monastery. Ajay goes on to talk about how if you have no possessions then you will have no worries. When reading that I was shocked. This society is so consumed by possessions and to just give them away seems so unrealistic. But then I thought more about what he said and he’s right. I correlated this to cellphones. We are so attached to those things that it’s not even funny. They go to bed with us, go to the bathroom with us, and even come up while driving. We are so consumed by what others are saying we no longer have the freedom to be ourselves. I think life would be much simpler and less worrisome if we were all able to give our phones and computers away.

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