Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Article On Only When The Real Individ

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Only when the real, individual man re-absorbs in himself the abstract citizen, and as an individual human being has become a species-being in his everyday life, in his particular work, and in his particular situation, only when man has recognized an. It needs to be at least 2750 words. society, it turns down capitalism for its supporting the producers and investors at the expense of the serves rendered by the workers, labourers and peasants. Since Karl Marx has always supported the working classes through his words, works and theories, he would not allow the rise of such an exploitative economic system i.e. capitalism, which aims to negate all the rights and privileges the labourers and peasants deserve to enjoy against the toil they make while rendering their services at their workplace. The paper also examines the Marxist perspective with special reference to “the Jewish Question” (1843) and “Das Capital” (1867) produced by the father of Socialism1 (Ruhle, 2005, p.4) i.e. Karl Marx.

Nineteenth century maintains imperative significance in many respects in the history of the world because of the distinguished and remarkable achievements the humans had made during this unique era of the long history of mankind (Mahajan, 2003, p. 291). It was the time when the progress and prosperity observed tremendous boost predominantly in the USA and North Western Europe. However, the pace of progress was not confined to one specific area or region only. rather, the scope of progress witnessed its expansion in multiple fields including art and, literature, science and industrialization, knowledge and wisdom, and psychological and intellectual foresight, and much more. Even the technological and nuclear revolutions being made in the contemporary times are also dependent of the profound thoughtfulness and intellectual insights appeared at the horizon during nineteenth century. On the one side, industrialization process was at its gradual but continuous growth, and on the other side political economy had been witnessing the new dimensions in its nature and scope.

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