Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Article On If Jack Is The Id Ralph Th

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on If Jack is the id, Ralph the ego and Piggy the super-ego in Lord of the Flies, which characters are the id, ego and super-ego in The Sun Also Rises. It needs to be at least 1500 words. The paper attempts to identify the Id, Ego and super-ego in the story The Sun Also Rises comparing the roles of the characters with those of Lord of the Flies where Jack is the id, Ralph is the ego and Piggy is the super ego.

The first story depicts the power sharing relationship among some British school children that are individualized with their distinct personality traits. But the later projects the life of a group of characters that are driven by different conflicting forces at the same time. It is necessary to mention that the three protagonists of Golding’s story—Jack, Piggy and Ralph are the allegorical representation of the three different components of human psyche. Ralph represents the consciousness of mind (ego) when he is guided by rationality, while Piggy acts as a voice of conscience representing the super-ego. “Ralph is practical and organized. For him the most important thing is to light a fire so that the boys can be recognized” (Golding, 14). Jack on the other hand is driven by violent desire for power, hunting, aggression and all other primitive impulses. In Hemingway’s story the characters are in fact multi-layered. Jake indulges carnal desires towards his fiancée Brett but he also recognizes his physical limitation caused by thee war and this torments his moral self. Brett is always in a frolicking mood enjoying temporary passing affairs. But it is also true that she truly loves Jake and her multiple affairs can be arising from her lack of gratification in Jake’s love. For example, when Jake says, “there’s not a damn thing we could do”(Golding, 26), Brett replies, “ I don’t want to go through that hell again”. She goes to San Sebastian with Cohn, formerly had a relation with Mike, Patched up with Pedro, the bullfighter in no time. But she has an ultimate realization that keeps her from sexual intimacy.

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