Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Article On How Toyotaro The Protagoni

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on How Toyotaro, the protagonist of Maihime thinks of his own identity in Dancing Girl by Ogai. It needs to be at least 250 words. &nbsp.His story of return back to Japan explicates the fact that he had done a mistake by following and doing what other people told him to do. For instance, he asserts that during his childhood, he was a sort of dictionary to his mother and law in the service of his boss (Ogai). This implies that he was not following his heart and doing whatever he wanted or whatever pleased him, but whatever pleased those around him.

Toyotaro identity changes when he falls in love with Elise, a German dancing girl. He falls in love with this girl despite their varied culture and race. This love transforms Toyotaro to the extent that he loses his job (Ogai). While in the ship, he feels guilty for leaving her behind and that’s when he fully thinks of his identity. For once, a sense of being himself and deciding for himself engulfs him. He does not fear anymore what would become of him when he makes his own decisions.

In conclusion, Toyotaro’s discovery that he was able to decide for himself on how he was going to live his life was the climax of the realization of his identity. This was a problem affecting several young Japanese during Mori Ogai’s generation. In this case, he emerged as an enlightened young intellectual capable of choosing his fate and not depending on adults to choose their destiny for them.

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