Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Article On Harvard Girl It Needs To B

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Harvard girl. It needs to be at least 250 words. Housing Boom in China al Affiliation Question one Mike Zang, a serious boyfriend material, is a language teacher andan interpreter. As of late, Chinas housing costs have risen fast all over the country and due to the inability to acquire an apartment. His girlfriend of two years dumped him. The reasons that caused such a rise in housing prices are different, in the same way as the fast improvement of the Chinese economy. Also substantial domestic demands, the fast urbanization process, governments simulative policy, and land rise in prices speculations. Fan, J., Heberer, T., & Taubmann, W. (2006).Home prices in real urban communities including Beijing and Shanghai have easily multiplied throughout the most recent year as families, and financial specialists race to get a bit of the Chinese dream. An average 1,000-square-foot, two-room, one-shower apartment in the capital now costs about $274,000. That is 22 times the normal yearly wage of a Beijing inhabitant.

Question two

Home purchasing happens after marriage as opposed to the United States, owning a place in China has as of late turned into an essential for getting married. Specialists said securing apartment in this market flags that a man is fruitful, family-oriented, and ready to weather challenging budgetary circumstances. Put compactly, home ownership has turned into a definitive image of virility in todays China. “A man is not a man on the off chance that he doesnt possess a house.” Exclaimed Chen Xiaomin, executive of the Womens Studies Center at the Shanghai the University of Political Science and Law. “Marriage is getting to be more materialistic (Fan, J., Heberer, T., & Taubmann, W. 2006).This is a colossal change in Chinese society. Regardless of how certain a lady is, she will lose face on the off chance that her boyfriend or spouse doesnt have a house.”

Question three

In todays Chinese economic structure, material matters were not exactly so vital when past eras courted. Most Chinese were living in poverty. Property belonged to state and homes were doled out through a singulars work unit. At the point when China was more agrarian, relational unions were normally masterminded, and it was standard for a womans family to give an endowment, whether cash, bedding or even a sewing machine. This is a global condition since most developing nations have to face the sharp rise in prices due to the uneven wealth distribution.

Question four

One needs to know that, youthful Chinese are transitioning during an era of blasting riches and rising desires for material achievement, this is happening in many countries around the world. In an overview, a year ago on Sohu.com, a prominent Web portal like Yahoo, 73% of respondents said home ownership was a need for marriage. Other nations also use these portals, and women demand the same eligibility. An equivalent rate said they experienced issues purchasing a house As a citizen from China, note that, in spite of the fact that more women are getting to be professional oriented, China remains tenaciously customary. Men are required to be providers while females raise a familys just one child.


Fan, J., Heberer, T., & Taubmann, W. (2006). Rural China: Economic and social change in the late twentieth century. Armonk, N.Y: M.E. Sharpe.

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