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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Bacholer of education (birth-5) organisations commuities and communication-literature review. It needs to be at least 1250 words. a as a whole, closely looking at its road networks and reasons for road congestion before delving into ways to avoid cause of accidents by children including the use of restraints.

The capital of the Greater Western Sydney, Parramatta is considered as the region’s business services centre and is undoubtedly quite busy. According to the most recent census conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (2006) the city had a population of 18,448 people. It is therefore inevitable that, just like every other busy city in the world, Parramatta is cumbered with the problem of traffic congestion. People in Parramatta use various forms of transport including. road, rail and water. Road remains the busiest as people cycle while others walk with others travelling by bus. As a result of this exceeding congestion, Parramatta has the slowest commuter times as well as the highest levels of city pollution, eventually affecting family life and the economy as a whole.

The particular areas of weakness that greatly accelerate congestion include a shortage of entry points into the city, nine major choke points at the converging points of west-east roads, few full length west east arterial roads (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development 2002). Round abouts are also fairly common in the city hence is another cause of congestion. In general, Sydney’s inner west suburbs are well known for having the worst traffic congestion and Parramatta is one of them. Although accidents are less common, the city is also home to many families hence it is dangerous for children. Currently, Parramatta is going through a development program that will focus mainly on transport within the area to encourage economic growth.

Traffic management on all roads in New South Wales, of which Parramatta is part of, is managed by the Roads & Traffic Authority (RTA) but the body delegates its duties to City Council of Parramatta to regulate transport locally.

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