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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Affecting of the Environment on the Economic System. It needs to be at least 1750 words. &nbsp. Many countries are also struggling with stretched public finances, high levels of unemployment and slow economic growth (OECD, 2012). In the short term, the world is to face the worst economic crisis in 80 years. However, the consequences of managing the climate are of entirely different significance (Endres, 2009). Earth’s surface temperatures have reached an all-time elevated level, “tipping point” as greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide continue to build up in the atmosphere. In summary, planet Earth’s biodiversity is under significant consternation (Vig & Axelrod, 1999).

The imminent threat to the environment has been recognized by scientists and conservationists, but it is only in the past four decades that nations have given attention to this issue on a global scale. In 1972, the United Nations Conference on Human Environment in Stockholm, Sweden, attended by 113 countries characterized the first organized international efforts to map out an elaborate agenda in order to protect the environment while fostering economic development at the same time. Even though no binding treaties were agreed upon, the UNEP was established (Vig & Axelrod, 1999). There are more than 1000 international environmental agreements already in existence, including the United Nations Conference on Environment and Economic Development in Rio de Janeiro. In spite of this expectant progress, the promise of achieving international levels of co-operation, which is required to control the impact of human beings on the biosphere/ natural life support systems of the planet, remains grim (Vig & Axelrod, 1999).

There are persistent conflicts over the interpretation/connotation of sustainable economic development and the implementation of environmental policies between the economically developed, developing and transitional&nbsp.states around the world.&nbsp.

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