Hello How Are You Doing Please Can You Assist Me In Answering The Following Ques

Hello how are you doing, please can you assist me in answering the following questions.Question 1). What is communication and why is it important?Question 2) Reflect on an experience when you misunderstood a set of directions, a procedure, or an assigned task. what element in the transactional communication model went wrong? what could have made the communication more effective?Question (3)what is precision listening? how might a business consultant use precision listening when creating a communication plan?Question 4)Think of a message you recently communicated. how does framing a message affect the communication process? how could your message be reframed so that it is processed and received with improved results? Does creating an outline for written communications improve the probability of success for the communication? why or why not?

Running head: COMMUNICATION 1 CommunicationStudent’s NameInstitution COMMUNICATION 2 1. Communication is exchanging or imparting news or information. It is a two-way procedureof attaining a…

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