Hello Everyone Satisfied Employee Are Productive This Is A Generalized Statement

Hello Everyone,Satisfied employee are productive, this is a generalized statement but I have question, can satisfaction be quantified. Satisfaction for one is not satisfaction for other. In my opinion Motivation is the driving force which makes a person more productive. Even in day to day life if the mother/wife works very hard to make good food for her children/husband the force that drives her is not satisfaction but the motivation in form of appreciation which she gets from her children/husband. Similarly an employee performs better in order to get get notice by his superior inturn helping him in his performance appraisal and promotion. This promotion and appraisal will result in satisfaction and not the other way round. Human needs are never ending and same is the case with satisfaction.agree or disagree? give some suggestion or example.

Today in the world of competition, every person is striving for satisfaction. The wordsatisfaction relates to basic human needs such as house, food, thirst, clothes and goes tosatisfaction in…

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