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As we have learned, there are several Key Nutrients that we should consume. A good way to do that, is to eat fruits and vegetables.

  • Go to . (Links to an external site.)
  • Read about each of the nine (9) key nutrients listed and their benefits.
  • Click on each nutrient listed and identify one fruit and one vegetable it may be found in.
  • You can also see some of your favorite fruits and vegetables that contain some of the key nutrients, in the picture panels below the list.
  • Or you can go back to the main page and click on “Fruits & Veggies” and then go through the alphabetic list of fruits and veggies. Click on the ones you like and see which of those have the key nutrients in them.

Copy and paste the following questions into a word document. Answer the questions and then upload the document in this assignment area.

  1. List all the nine (9) Key Nutrients and their health benefits.
  2. List all the Key Nutrients and at least one fruit and one vegetable they may be found in, for each of them.

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