HCM 337 IP3

HCM 337 IP3
Posted by:admin | June 4, 2021

3-5 pages APA 6 format, in-text citation, Use at least two (2) scholarly references published within the last 5 years to substantiate your work. *Please provide a copy of all references used. * 
Assignment Details: 
You are the new office coordinator of a small multi-specialty group practice.  You have been tasked with updating the office policies on medical records and confidentiality and training the employees on this important topic. 
For this assignment you will:
Draft policies and procedures related to medical records and confidentiality in your group practice.  This should include the following information in 3-5 pages, not including title page and reference page. You are expected to use a minimum of two references and utilize APA style: 
Define medical records and confidentiality 
Discuss legal standards and regulations related to medical records and confidentiality 
Outline policies related to medical records requirements and standards 
Outline policies and procedures related to confidentiality and access to records 
Discuss how these policies and procedures will be communicated to employees

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