Having A Difficult Time Understanding And Interpreting This Question I Need Some

Having a difficult time understanding and interpreting this question, I need some guidance on what is all going

on in this:

 In Hemingway’s In Our Time, the human body is mutilated–the soldiers of war, the women and their babies, and the battler in Hemingway. What makes this form of violence distinct to modern American texts of this distinct historical period: the violence seldom has context or reason. Who or what are the agents of violence in Hemingway’s In Our Time? Who or what are the recipients of this violence? And how is this violence represented on the page–through which literary techniques? Discuss the presence of violence in Hemingway’s modern American narrative, concentrating on male-male, male-female, and/ or ethnic-other relationships. How may readers make sense of the violence and understand the author’s presentation of it? Is the crisis individual or national? Male or female? Racial? Moral? Amoral?

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