Harvard University Medieval Spain Lazarillo de Tormes Novel Discussion

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Should not exceed 8 pages!

12 font, Times New Roman

2 different questions

Question 1:

On this literary work, Lazarillo de Tormes, attempt to answer the following questions:

1. Provide a very short summary of the plot (no more than half a page).
2. Tell me what the salient themes in this literary work are.
3. Analyze two or three of these themes and explain how they reflect the culture, values, politics, social and economic structures of early modern Spain. You are using these texts as primary sources. Therefore, your use of them should answer the question: What do they tell you about the history of Spain?
4. Place these works within a specific historical context.

Question 2:

What happened to Spain in the early seventeenth century? Was there a decline? What was the nature of the decline? What were the causes of the collapse of Spain? Knowing what you do about the reforms of the catholic Monarchs, why did Spain almost disintegrate in 1640? Illustrate your points with specific examples from the textbooks and lecture. Think critically.

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