H580 Oregon State University Linear Regression and Analysis with R Studio Program?? Paper

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Linear regression and analysis with R studio program

The “hw.data.csv” data gives the systolic blood pressure (SBP), body size (QUET: quetelet index, a measure of size defined by 100*weight/height2), age (AGE), and smoking history (SMK=0 if a nonsmoker, SMK=1 if a current or previous smoker) for a hypothetical sample of 32 white males over 40 years old from the town of Angina.

For hypothesis testing, clearly state the null and alternative hypothesis. Compute or report from the R output the appropriate test statistic. Compute or report from the R output the appropriate p-value for the test. Use level of 0.05 unless otherwise stated in the problem. Then, state whether you reject or fail to reject the null hypothesis. Finally, provide a concluding statement interpreting your result. For example, shows that, for a unit increase in X, Y increases by 0.56 and this increase is statistically significant.

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