Graphs Breadth First Search

In this assignment, you will design the AddNode and AddEdge methods for the supplied graph data structure.The AddNode and AddEdge methods are to support the construction of undirected (bi-directional) graphs.That is if node A is connected to node B then node B is also connected to node A. In addition to the AddNode and AddEdge methods, create a method called BreadthFirstSearch that accepts a starting node and performs a Breadth First Search of the graph.The algorithm for the breadth first traversal is provided below. Demonstrate your methods by creating the graph depicted in Figure 1 below and running the Breadth First Search on the graph using 0 as the starting node. Figure 1 You may use C++ or C#, to implement this program as long as the following requirements are met. A C++ or C# project must be created using Visual Studio 2019. The entire project must be submitted as a single ZIP file that contains the project folder, source code, and documentation. Requirements: Full Answer to using Visual Studio. Add a node to the queue (starting node) While the queue is not empty, dequeue a node Add all unvisited nodes of the dequeued node from step 2 and add them to queue 4. End While

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