GP 336 Grantham University Iran, Terrorism, and Weapons of Mass Destruction Article Essay

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Article Review 3

You will write a guided article review as practice for reading scholarly articles to help develop the skill of reading and evaluating scholarly research in order to support you literature review research project.

Byman, Daniel. (2008). “Iran, Terrorism, and Weapons of Mass Destruction.” Studies in Conflict & Terrorism, 31, 169-181.


After reading the article, answer the following questions in complete sentences and in narrative form:

Part 1 – Introduction

What is the title of the paper? What is the name of the author? What year was it written? What journal was the article published in?

What is the author’s thesis? What is the main point of what the researcher is trying to accomplish or prove?

What are the author’s findings and conclusions? (Explain this as if you were trying to explain the article to your friends and family.

Part 2 – Literature Review

Very briefly describe any key concepts or theories discussed in the literature review section of the paper.

Part 3 – Methods

Is the research qualitative or quantitative? If the research is qualitative, what are the main themes of the research? If the research is qualitative, what is are the independent variables, dependent variables, and hypotheses?

What data did the author use to support his or her findings? What methods of analysis did the author use to support his or her findings?

Part 4 – Discussion

Did the author propose any ideas for future research? What were they?

Did the author state any limitations of their findings and conclusions? What were they?

Describe any policy implications of this research? How could a nation-state apply these findings as they develop their foreign policy? (These may not be stated explicitly.)

Part 5 – Conclusion

Were there any problems with the research? Were the conclusions specifically supported? Was the data appropriate to support the author’s conclusions? Were the methods sufficient to support the author’s claims? Do you agree with the author’s findings? Why or why not?

What questions do you have after reading the article?

Can you relate this article to any current events? What specific current event and how is there a connection?

What new ideas have you learned after reading this article?

How does this article relate to what you have learned so far in the course? Be specific and give specific examples?

Criteria: 3-5 pages. APA format.

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