Government And Not For Profit Accounting There Are Several Cases In Ethics At

Government and Not-For-Profit Accounting – There are several “CASES IN ETHICS” at the end of Chapter 16, starting on page 719. Choose one of the cases and write an opinion paper (1 to 2 pages) on what the issues are for the case as well as your thoughts and opinions on the issues. If there are rules and requirements surrounding the issue be sure to reference them.Case: Opulent Convention5 of 10 members of a town council returned from a 3-day national convention of town council members in Las Vegas and submitted their expenses for reimbursement. The bills they presented indicated that they had stayed in luxurious suites, had lavish dinners with extraordinarily expensive wines, and spent freely in nightclubs. Although the town has no specific policy on allowable travel costs, William Hamilton, business officer, knew illegitimate expenses when he saw them and these were clearly beyond the bounds of propriety. He expressed his concerns to the town manager (who is appointed by council), who advised, “Forget it. I have bigger battles that I want to fight with council.”Please provide references.

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