Gov 2306 Webliography Assignment The Assignment Locate At Least Six Ways In Whic

GOV 2306  Webliography Assignment

The Assignment:

Here is the assignment:  Locate at least six ways in which political information is available on the Web. You may use political party websites, interest group websites, government websites, media outlets, etc. Provide the link and a review of the website, including your assessment as to why the website may be useful and what you learned from the website.  The assignment requires complete and comprenesive reviews of six different websites.  No partial credit is given to submissions with fewer than six. 

Three or four paragraphs for each website is generally sufficient. This assignment is worth up to 5 extra credit  points, and a thorough review of the sites is expected.  Your assessment of these sites should include, but not be limited to, these points: Is the content biased, and if so, why? Is the content credible or otherwise useful for scholastic research? Is the content timely and relevant?

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