Good Morning I Am Reaching Out For Assistance With Writing An Essay Below Is The

Good Morning,

I am reaching out for assistance with writing an essay. Below is the criteria.

I am writitng an essay for The DCU Memorial Scholarship. The DCU Memorial Scholarship is a national scholarship program open to any high school senior interested in pursuing a degree from a state or nationally accredited college or university in the Fall of 2019. Scholarships are awarded on academic merit, teacher’s references, an original essay, awards and recognition, and extracurricular and community service activities. DCU membership is NOT considered at any point throughout the scholarship process. A committee of qualified third-party reviewers score the applications and determine award winners. This year, DCU will award up to $165,000. Scholarships will be available at various levels up to $2,500. All funds are distributed through the DCU for Kids Foundation.

My mission is to write an essay that answers “Why I should receive a DCU scholarship” and… – be no more than 300 words in length. 

Prof. Angela


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