Global Studies Question

Research & Assessment: think of this as an intelligence organization quality research paper, relying on OSINT (open source) information. Your paper must identify a current or emerging terrorist group that could impact US Government (or other government) operations in the foreign or domestic realms or a group that could negatively impact commercial business. The paper should provide enough background on the local area/region and the group’s goals to lead to an analytic assessment about how much of a threat the group is, what its goals are, what tactics they may use, whether they would be open to discussions, and what could cause a “tipping point” where they become violent, target USG/commercial company interests, and garner enough grassroots support to maintain and/or grow their operations. Memorandum/Policy Paper: think of your role as an advisor or senior intelligence professional. Selecting a geography of interest (country/province/region) that the government is currently or likely will operate in, outline what you think the government’s policy should be in that area to minimize threats and maximize host area support. What terrorist/insurgent/revolutionary groups operate there that must be understood and managed to enable the government’s goals in the area to be met? How should the government manage these threats? What “tipping point” would inspire a decision around if the government should remain in the area, leave the area, or conduct some type of counterterrorism operations? Ultimately, you are distilling likely complex on-the-ground happenings and situations into a digestible, actionable way for a senior leader to make use of to further their organization’s objectives and reach.

These papers will be completed in three stages. This is intended to help you manage the workload and for me to gauge whether your project is on the right track and provide feedback early, if needed, on the direction of the project. Requirements: 14-16 pages double space 12 point font

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